SILENT BLUE® laminate flooring underlayment delivers the best sound control value for the money. Many laminate flooring underlayment companies claim results but no other floating floor underlayment can give you all the benefits of SILENT BLUE®.

New cross link construction yields greater tear and tensile strength, while flexible enough to overcome small sub floor imperfections. Other laminate flooring underlayments are too rigid and can not contour to sub floor irregularities; thereby creating hollow sound pockets. This only increases tapping sounds from walking.

Two layers of mylar film are added to an already moisture proof pad, making this an impenetrable underlayment. Test it. We recommend you take a piece of SILENT BLUE® and remove the film. After removing the film pour a few drops of water on the pad and slightly tilt it from side to side and around. You will notice that water is not absorbed. This is because the pad is made from a closed cell membrane that completely blocks water or moisture from penetrating it. It doesn’t stop there, take the film you removed and splice it. You will notice that it’s actually two pieces of mylar bonded together. It’s like a 4 in 1 no moisture will penetrate (make sure all seams are taped properly).

SILENT BLUE® laminate & floating floor underlay does not require film to prevent moisture penetration. It is SILENT BLUE’s® closed cell structure that seals out water vapor to prevent mold and mildew while maintaining a waterproof environment. SILENT BLUE® was created to maintain optimal joint movement and increase foot comfort.

Finally, the proof is in the product. Independent tests showed both sound transmission and sound impact ratings to be above architectural and engineering requirements. No other flooring underlayment can deliver a 3mm thick laminate pad with ratings of IIC=72 dB and STC=73dB.

Simply put – You won’t find an independently tested underlayment with
more sound or moisture control… Even if you pay more!

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