We are dedicated to deliver products with an improved environmental profile. To reduce the environmental impact of Silent Blue® we developed this underlayment to melt at lower temperatures during manufacturing, therefore using less energy and reducing carbon emissions. When Silent Blue® is removed during your future flooring remodel project, the lightweight pad will become biodegradable once it is exposed to exterior conditions within a landfill (if another type of flooring is used- in most cases the same Silent Blue® pad is used again with the next floating floor project). The mylar film can easily be removed from the pad and is recyclable. We are focused on constant and never ending efforts in creating efficiencies in consuming less energy, safe waste and improved emissions.

Packaging reduction is now used. A simple thin cover to protect the pad during shipping with 1 sheet of paper that contains installation instructions is all that is necessary and all that is used.

Our continued efforts in understanding, utilizing and enhancing conservation of resources while delivering products that will improve flooring consumers’ enjoyment is the most gratifying experience of our careers.

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