Q: Which side is the Mylar side?
A: The Mylar (shiny) is on the film side.

Q: The minimum requirement for underlayment under the floor I purchased is 6 mil, what does that mean?
A: 6 mil is only (.15mm) Silent Blue is 20 times thicker and every part of the product is moisture proof even the foam. Make sure all seams are properly taped with Silent Blue Tape or an adequate polyethylene tape.

Q: Will I get the same IIC and STC sound ratings on a plywood subfloor?
A: No, all subfloors will produce different IIC and STC ratings, this is why the DELTA test was created which is independent of subfloors or ceilings. Silent Blue has a DELTA rating of 20.

Q: Can Silent Blue be used for hardwood floors?
A: As long as they are installed by floating or nail down methods, Silent Blue cannot be used with glue down installations.

Q: Can I use Silent Blue with my glued down engineered wood floor?
A: No, no glue down installations.

Q: Is Silent Blue ok to use over radiant heat?
A: Yes, Silent Blue® has a new patent pending design made specifically to increase heat transfer to the floating floor above.

Q: Can Silent Blue be used in my basement?
A: Yes, Silent Blue is fine below grade provided moisture content is within Industry standards.

Q: How many square feet does one roll of Silent Blue tape cover?
A: 400 – 500 square feet.

Q: Why is independent testing important?
A: If you had to test your own small child to see if she or he was gifted, what do you think would happen? In-house or self-testing can be easily influenced but this is not so with accredited non-biased testing facilities.

Q: Are attached underlayments good?
A: Usually not; at the time of this writing, they do not provide any soundproofing specs and most are very thin – approximately 1.5 mm.

Q: What is the size of a 200 s/f roll?
A: Approximately: 3.375’ X 61’ = 205 s/f +/- 2%

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