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Manhattan 8mm Collection

1041 | SAPELLI

Manhattan 8mm laminate flooring can withstand any type of heavy residential traffic, such as hallways and may also be used in a professional setting with light traffic.


The Manhattan Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. The 8mm Collection fooring is designed with a high resolution Film applied layer under a clear AC3 protective layer. Our inner core layer is composed of high density poplar Fiberboard.


47.8" (1215mm) x 7.7" (195mm)


Abrasion resistance is tested according to the Standards of EN 13329: 2006, and the other items are tested according to the Standards of GC/T18102-2007.

Standard Requirements Restult
Bending Prooerty 30 MPa 40.01MPs
Density 0.82g/cm3 0.89g/cm3
Abrasion Resistance AC3 > 3000r 3500r
Internal Soundness > 1 MPa > 2.0 MPa
Formaldehyde Release E1 < 1.5 mg/L 0.4 mg/L
Light Fastness > Level 4 Level 5
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