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Raincoat Collection

Silver Fox

With our premium Laser Print Design and Register Embossed finish, you can achieve the look of a traditional wood floor. The AC5 Heavy-Duty Protection wear layer, which is more durable and simpler to clean than most standard wood floors. Combining our unique Solid Ground Formula and WaterTight Technology, the 10mm RainCoat laminates from Silent Blue prevent the infiltration of moisture into the core. Moisture-resistant, durable, and solid core board for eco-friendly laminate flooring.

Laser Print Design: The high definition film prints simulate a realistic wood grain pattern.

Heavy-Duty Protection: The AC 5 wear layer provides outstanding resistance to scuffs and stains. Greater durability than wood; used to cover areas with high foot traffic.

Solid Ground Formula: Produced at higher pressure from proprietary resin and extremely small particles of recycled hardwood to make dense core boards that are stable, moisture-resistant, durable, solid and eco-friendly.


WaterTight Technology: The combination of the high precision locking system and the most advanced formula, avoid the infiltration of moisture into the core.

Stabilizing Paper: The backing functions essentially as a balancing agent to prevent cupping and bowing by stabilizing the board. Additionally, it offers water resistance properties.


48"x 7  5/8" x 10mm


AC represents the Abrasion Criteria. It indicates that products have been tested for abrasion and impact resistance. Typically, the rating range from AC1 to AC5. Our Raincoat 10mm Collection is an AC5 rating. They are applicable for both residential and light commercial application.

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