Flooring composition

Laminate flooring is composed as follows:

  • Covering: The top layer is made of melamine resin and aluminum oxide. This gives a high level of strength and durability.
  • Decorative paper: The paper on which is printed high-quality patterns.
  • High-density wood fiber: High density pressed wood fiber panel (HDF).
  • Laminate backing: Melamine layer covering the back of the board.


Where to install and where not to install the Manhattan laminate flooring

  • We recommend installing the Manhattan laminate flooring on concrete or plywood. These surfaces must be flat, dry and clean. Recommended places: living room, dining room, office, hallway, bedroom, and basement.
  • We do not recommend installing the Manhattan laminate flooring on a carpet because the hooking system will be solicited too much compared to a carpet underlay membrane that keeps the moisture and bacteria. The unsuitable locations: bathroom, kitchen, entrances, high humidity places.

More resistant than wood?

To determine the durability rating of laminate flooring, a test piece of flooring is mounted inside a testing device and set against sandpaper-covered wheels. The wheels are run over the flooring and the damage level is checked after each 100 revolutions. Every 200 revolutions the sandpaper on the wheels is replaced. The durability rating value is determined to be the point at which wear from the sandpaper is first detected.

The Manhattan Silver Collection floors are more wear resistant than hardwood flooring. Laboratory tests show that wood flooring is resistant on average between 500 and 750 revolutions compared to laminate flooring that tolerates 900 to 6,500 revolutions. The Manhattan resistant floor on average 5,000 revolutions, this is why we attribute to him the AC4 mention.

Laminate flooring’s durability rating indicates its resistance to abrasion, as well as normal wear and tear. A laboratory test is to measure by means of a sanding machine resistance to abrasion.

  • AC1 : minimum of 900 revolutions
  • AC2 : minimum of 1800 revolutions
  • AC3 : minimum of 2500 revolutions (most popular)
  • AC4 : minimum of 4000 revolutions
  • AC5 : minimum of 6500 revolutions

However, wood floors can be sanded and varnished when needed. This is not possible with laminate flooring. It is advisable to keep a few extra boards, should accidental damage occur. A damaged board is permanent.

Details to Remember

  • Do not install a defective product as this will void the warranty, check carefully before installation.
  • Acclimatize the product 48 hours before installation. The temperature should be between 17 ° C and 23 ° C (62 ° F and 73 ° F) and relative humidity should be between 45% and 60%.
  • The surface of the subfloor must be completely flat, dry, clean and solid.
  • Use a quality membrane beneath the floor, as the “Master Pro Plus” or equivalent

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