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Manhattan SPC Specifications

Manhattan SPC flooring is made of Stone Plastic Composite. Manhattan SPC floor is designed to exceed. The main component are natural limestone powder polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer which combined a very stable composite material.

Manhattan SPC

Different from regular vinyl floor, there is no plasticizer inside, so it is more environmentally friendly. Manhattan SPC flooring mainly structured with the UV Coating, abrasion resistant paper, decorative paper film and Stone Plastic Composite core board. Meanwhile W23 underlayment is attached for high end usage.


20 x 40 mm

40 x 40 mm

30 x 60 mm

60 x 60 mm

Earth and Family friendly Warranty 25 years residential and 10 light commercial use.


Fire behavior Formaldehyde Slip resistance Sound test
Bf1 S1 E1 DS IIC 72dB / STC 73dB


0.220” (5.5mm)



Water absorption


Product Data:

Thickness Core Top layer Underlayment Density Edges Locking system
0.220” (5.5mm) 0.158” (4mm) 20mil (0.05mm) 0.60” (1.5mm) 2000kg/m3 Micro-bevel UNICLIC


Thickness Length Width Sq. ft. / box Planks / box Boxes / pallet Pounds / box
0.220” (5.5mm) 48” (1220mm) 7” (178mm) 23.4 10 -55 39
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