Silent Blue® premium laminate and floating floor underlayment is also used with nail down wood floors as a relatively inexpensive way to achieve sound reduction for the enjoyment of a floor that is less noisy than one without a premium pad.

Silent Blue® enjoys the highest independently tested ratings to achieve acoustical control available for these types of floors which tend to be louder than floors without a silent underlayment barrier.

When choosing a sound reduction pad for laminate or wood floating floors check for independent testing. Many manufacturers test their products themselves while independent companies are less biased and have no direct benefit towards a favorable result. This will ensure that you are getting the best sound underlayment barrier you can find. Our test results are all available on the Downloads page.

Underlayment for laminate floors and floating wood floors come in all shapes and sizes, choose one that has been tested by an independent laboratory and look for high ratings in both IIC and STC test over a thin concrete floor and under a maximum of 8mm floor for best results because they will yield higher numbers when tested with thicker subfloors and thicker floating laminate floors.

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